As parents, teachers, and students demand more for their public education dollars, CLI has become a leader in underwriting and funding new school construction, acquisition, and development across the United States. CLI has provided hundreds of millions of dollars in school facilities financing and would be pleased to consider your school’s loan request.

CLI provides both interim construction and semi-permanent facilities loans. Below is a summary of our basic requirements for considering your loan request. For more information, please contact us at 806.358.3667.

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General Underwriting Guidelines

  • Minimum loan amount: $3,000,000

  • Minimum student count: 400

  • Sources and uses summary

  • Last three year's audited financial statements

  • Most recent internal financial statements

  • Current years' budget

  • Construction plans & budget

  • Established EMO's and CMO's are encouraged to contact CLI regardless of age of school or project size.