CLI Capital has over 50 years of history in providing real estate financing to specialty borrowers. CLI is a private Real Estate Investment Trust that was formed in 1959 to provide a private funding source that would allow churches to buy and build new facilities. Over time the core business has evolved and although the Trust has the authority to engage in the business of buying, selling and leasing any real estate, we have restricted our primary business activities to making loans to charter schools, non profit and church organizations.

As one of the premier direct charter school and church lenders in the United States, we have provided financing for numerous charter schools and to several thousand churches in all 50 states. In addition to our proud history in church financing, CLI has become highly involved in the charter school movement that is sweeping our country.

As parents, teachers, and students demand more for their public education dollars, CLI has become a leader in underwriting and funding new school construction, acquisition and development across the country. For specific information on our lending requirements please go to the links above or below or contact us at .


CLI Capital is a diversified Real Estate Investment Trust engaged in commercial mortgage lending and real estate investments in order to maximize the overall return to our shareholders.


As we fulfill the mission of the Trust, employees and Trust Managers are committed to operate and manage in a manner that reflects Christian principles, honesty, integrity, transparency, and conservative but innovative business practices.

Charter school construction is what we do best.

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permanent financing is available.

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