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CLI Capital is has release of a proprietary Internet-based platform that will allow shareholders to trade their shares online. With this new trading platform, buying and selling of CLI Capital shares will utilize this method. Buyers and sellers will be able to post their trade online and the order will automatically be matched up with other open orders at the same or better price. This trading platform will eliminate the direct contact between buyers and sellers. All buyers must state a price at which they will purchase shares, and all sellers must state a price at which they will sell shares. The Trust will no longer accept buy/sell orders without a price. The Trust will continue to allow private party transactions to occur outside of the platform. Information related to market activities of the Trust, including historical prices, buy/sell list, and historical financial information, will be available online through the platform. Shareholders were sent a letter with instructions on how to participate in this new process. If you have questions, please email us at:

CLI Capital is a private Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). All financial, investment, and performance information related to the Trust is provided solely for the shareholders of the Trust. Shareholders may login to the secured site below to review financial information, buy or sell shares in the Trust, and review historical stock information. If you do not have a login or you are interested in becoming a shareholder, please contact the Trust office.